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Default Re: Casper Ware on Pistons Summer League Roster

Originally Posted by Aussie Dunker
I watched Yancy Gates demolish Syracuse earlier this year, Think he could be a pretty good hard working blue collar enforcer type off the bench.....

Is it just me or are the guys we are rolling the dice with undrafted more impressive than the 2nd rounders this year, lol? Obviously, we all watch the draft and pretty much every pick the announcers (ESPN) will say how great the guy is. It's very rare to hear anything other than upside with a pick. They always try to be optimistic with everyone. As fans we know better... I'm not sure any of those undrafted guys could make our roster since it's pretty much full, but there's a few really talented ball players on it. I'm actually excited for summer league this year (besides the fact that Frank selects Orlando for it....).
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