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Default Re: BC on the fan this AM

Originally Posted by bokes15
Even furthers my point. I understand to an extent wanting to wait and literally make no big moves at all in hopes of Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, Lebron James... Or hell even guys like Cousins, Monroe, Rubio, Lawson, Gordon, etc... guys who aren't all-stars/superstars but could be very solid support pieces on a contender. In the past 7 seasons since BC has been here we haven't gotten any such pieces and I for one am not willing to ride it out with crappy teams in hopes that one or 3 of those guys comes along someday over the rainbow. Amazingly, this season I purchased NBA league pass broadband for the first time and even while having the option to watch all the Raps games with the exception of the local blackout games I don't think there was even one game I sat down and watched from beginning to end. I don't know how any Raptors fan can actually want to sit around and hope for a draft miracle.

For me it's this and you also have to just simply come to realize that with the current management group in place that a full and proper rebuild through the draft just isn't ever gonna happen.
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