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Default Re: Do we have a legit shot at pursuing OJ MAYO?

Originally Posted by eeeeeebro
Roy would not come back to basketball if he did not feel he could complete a full year. As for do you think he can compete? Brandon Roy did better than lebron while he was injured in the 2011 play-offs.

Seriously, what planet are you on. First Roys love for the game clouds his judgement as far as his knees go. He won't last a season, nor half a season much less be able to make it thru playoffs IMO. Sure he had the same plasma therapy Kobe had done but Kobes knees are nowhere near as bad as Roys. Third, there are other viable options out there that should be evaluated before risking it all on a guy with no knees.

Dude, anytime a player who was at one time a marquee player or has a big name despite his injury history, age or the fact he can't play anymore comes available you're ALWAYS the first guy to jump on the bandwagon to sign them. Get over it.
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