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Default Re: Lakers off season thread

Originally Posted by dd24
I've said for years he never deserved his MVP's... he wasn't ever the best player in the league. One thing I will say is he deserves his chance to go to a team he wants to play for, that also gives him the best chance to get a title. I'm always all for the players at the end of their career that don't care about the money anymore and try to win. As long as he makes a decision like that (aka not Toronto...) I'll support his choice. The only way I support his decision with a team that can't win it is Phoenix. I don't see anything wrong with someone staying with their home team. Either go for a ship, or help out the team that has had faith in you for so long. With Phoenix drafting Marshall I'm pretty sure the writing is on the wall though.

It's time for Nash to chase that ring with the Lakers at a very low price.
If he goes to a loser like Toronto i'll lose all respect for him.
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