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Default Re: Lakers off season thread

Originally Posted by dd24
Canada is a big country, lol. He's not even from Toronto. That's like saying it's a dream for an LA athlete to play in NY. The dumbest move in the world for him would be to go to a team that will struggle to make the playoffs. He should either stay in Phoenix where he has a huge fan base or chase a ring.

If you think his fanbase in Phoenix is huge, then what do you think his Canadian fanbase will be like? There's literally only one Canadian NBA team, and there's only one prominent NBA player. Most of the Canadian fans I know root for Toronto mildly, but they cheer for Steve Nash maniacally. And that's including people in Montreal, Vancouver, and Winnipeg.

Those of you saying Toronto is overpaying are missing the point. They're completely prepared to have Nash age into a withered husk during that final year (maybe even two years), because they figure the renewed interest, legitimacy, and revenue Nash will generate at the beginning of his contract will more than pay for it. Their intent from the outset was to blow away the competition's bids, because only offering a little extra per year might not have cut it. Hence the exorbitant offer, and the personal message from Wayne Gretzky, and the personal Canadian bikini massage team, or whatever the hell else they promised.

And those of you saying you'll lose respect for Nash taking the bigger money are either being cynical or overidealistic. Offer any rational human being the choice between a 36 million dollar contract and 3-to-9 million dollar contract, and he'll almost always take the extra 27 to 33 million dollars, irrespective of context. And so would you.

If you're not a millionaire, it's tempting to say, "He's made more than enough money in his career," but that's not how people generally act. There's a reason why billionaires hide their money in off-shore tax shelters, even though they have "more than enough." There are reasons why Steve Jobs' salary at Apple was 99.99999999999999999% paid in stock options. There's a reason why Kobe won't entertain any thoughts of cutting his salary, even though it's making it hell for Mitch et al. to build a team around him. And it's not (just) because they're greedy assholes.
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