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Default Re: Lakers off season thread

Originally Posted by dd24
You make my point for me. They already cheer for him in Canada. It doesn't matter what uniform he wears. Almost every time Nash's name gets brought up so does the fact that he's from Canada. If he signs with Toronto I don't think his fan base up there will be any bigger.

Of course we all see why Toronto wants to sign him and they don't mind offering him a big contract. It's a no brainer they will make money off of that deal. That's besides the point. He has the opportunity to play somewhere that he has the chance to win. I don't think he should turn that down.

The part about Toronto offering mucho moola was not directed at you.

And even though I talked about fanbase in my last post, I doubt it factors in that much. Fans are important with regard to revenue, but very few players decide what team they want to join based on fan enthusiasm. Miami's a hotspot for free agents, even though they have maybe the worst, most fairweather fans in all of creation. No one wants to play in Utah, even though their fans are almost psychotic in their support for their team.

With that said, there's a difference between being Steve Nash: Canadian baller who plays mostly in the U.S., and Steve Nash: Great Canadian Hero Who Also Plays Half of His Games in Canada (And Also Makes $10 Million More Per Year). If he were to play in Canada, the already-rabid support would be ratcheted up even further. And that's pretty awesome.
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