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Default Re: Lakers off season thread

Originally Posted by DKLaker

IMO, money is not everything, I understand that to some people it is....again it is about preference.

My biggest point about Toronto's offer is that I do not believe there is another team that would offer more than $6 million per year for 3 years...not with the current CBA, not at his age. They are ensuring that their team will be nothing more than a novelty. They could have blown away the competition at $8 million per year for 2 years.

Me personally would go for the championship and not even briefly consider the money.

I agree that an $8 million/year offer would have been better than what anyone else could have offered (except maybe Dallas). But their intent wasn't just to have the best offer, because that might not have been enough: they wanted to give such an awesome presentation that it overrode Nash's loyalty to Phoenix, or his championship aspirations with [insert playoff team here]. Hence the video from The Great One, and the implication that he would basically own all of Canada, etc.

I don't doubt that you feel the way you do re: championships, but where there's a difference of about $30 million, almost anyone ever would have to give it consideration. And it's not wrong, and it's not due to vice or avarice. For a dude who's coming off a divorce, that means a fresh start. He also knows in the back of his mind that he will never, ever get another chance to make that kind of money again. He's been a loyal dude and a class act his entire career; I'd say he's entitled to whatever he goes on to earn, and I won't judge him for it.
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