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Default Re: Pistons Sign Singler

Originally Posted by Aussie Dunker
Yeah seems that way, also middleton plays SF too... Might make the most sense to move Maggette, as we are still probably not close to being a contender for a few years, wouldn't make sense to have him battling on a non playoff bound team taking up minutes we could be feeding to Singler / Middleton..

I love the idea of Daye, but I think it is just about time to move on from him...

Maggette does seem like the most logical choice to be moved, but don't we have to wait to trade him? I'm pretty sure you can't just flip a player who was just traded. I'm not sure how the CBA works on that.

Daye gets this season to prove himself in my opinion. If he doesn't become a significant role player then we have to move on.
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