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Default Re: Lakers should ask for Royce White instead of Scola in Houston Trade

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
Lowry & martin havent proven sh!t... They have not played any meaningful games in playoffs...

Also can u please define what's Martin's role going to be???

First of all Lowry is a 6 year veteran, he had an 18 assist game and a 33 point game last season, he's a solid assist guy over 6 per game the last 2 seasons and averages 14 per game.

Martin is an 8 year vet, he shoots over 40% FG and 85% FT can knock down shots all day, had a run of 4-5 straight games of 30+ points last year, has the ability to carry a team. He would back Kobe up and give definite scoring off the bench or in a small lineup can play SF, giving us a lethal combination. We could rest Kobe without any worry....that is HUGE at his age.

Scola will fight and scrap for every rebound and every basket, the guy just doesn't quit ( unlike Pau) he shoots a solid %, isn't afraid to take shots, passes well, is a tough defender.

As an important reminder, we are talking getting 3 proven productive guys for 1 guy who has quit on us 2 years in a row.....that's a no-brainer.

Points for the 3 = 46ppg average.......Pau = 17.4ppg a plus 29ppg for us

As for playoff really want it all huh? We would get 3 guys......unless you can show me 3 guys better than these we can get for Pau I don't understand you. I do not even feel that getting 1 for 1 star for Pau would help the team as much as this deal.

We narrowly lost a couple of those games to OKC, by just a few points, I love our chances with this added firepower.
I really, badly wanted this deal done last season when it was Dragic instead of we would've gotten the #16 pick from Houston........yeah, we blew it badly.

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