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Default Re: Lakers interested in Calderon if they sign Nash...

Originally Posted by DKLaker
There are some really dumb teams out there!!!!!
Steve Nash 3 years at $36 his age????
That's more than double his value at that length, and who were they really competing against?
Clippers move was also a stupid one to pay Odom 8 million coming off that season and not waiting for Dallas to just waive him.

Hmmmm.......I wonder why some teams never win

Well in the defense of GM's, they looked at market value for old players that are HOFers like Garnett, and said "hey he's getting paid 34 in 3 years, maybe Nash should too".

The interesting about nash is that he doesn't seem to get hurt, and that his game is still very much effective, even at his current age.

Plus, if it helps in bringing calderon, do it.
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