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Default Re: FA's the raps should go after

It seems as though other than Nash and Batum, the raps have also shown interest in Lin, and Ilyasova. I would hope that if Nash falls through, we would pursue one of the Rockets' PG's. Lin would need to be offered a backloaded deal in the likes of 5/5/15/15 on a 4yr 40M deal - no thanks.

It also seems that the Grizz actually do intend on keeping Gay and will look to move ZBo first.

It also appears that the Wolves have offered Batum a "near max" contract. I don't know if the raps will still be interested.

If Ilyasova does not pan out either, I wonder if the lines of communication are open with Philly in regards to Iggy, and what it would take for a deal.
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