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Default Re: Timberwolves want Gasol

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Hey Robster89, just wanted to add that it was very classy the way you handled the situation.
I also want to thank you for your service to our country, not enough people say thanks IMO, but I am very patriotic and love the U.S.A......flaws and all

Hey DK, thanks very much for saying that man. I really appreciate it. I love this country too. I've been a lot of places all over the world, and no one has what we have here. Our freedom. At church over the weekend we had a celebration of God and Country, and they give medals to all servicemen and women. It was touching. I did notice that the WW2 vets are starting to thin out. They really were our greatest generation, and we should all be thankful for them. I saw action in Desert Storm, (the first Gulf War, plus a few other places), and we always had a major advantage in technology and information. These guys in WW2 never had that. They went up against the full might of the Third Reich and the Japanese Empire. I always like to watch "Saving Private Ryan" around this time of year. That movie really shows the sacrifice those brave men and women made, and they made it for us, the future generations of Americans. God bless them, and thanks again DK.
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