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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Speaking of Team Dignitas, during the Chilean National Finals d.Killer defeated NrG.Darkness 2-0. xLs.Cruza will be joining Killer and Darkness with a paid trip to the 2012 South American Championship.

Killer never dropped a map in the whole tournament, 2-0'ing all of his opponents.

The Chinese National finals began today. I do not know of a stream for this, but I think the top 3 favorites to take this are TooDming, Loner, and MacSed.

The France National Finals are this Thursday through Sunday. The obvious favorite is Mill.Stephano, however there are 8 other zergs in this tournament and it's safe to say Stephano's ZvZ is not his best matchup. I still don't think he'll be defeated.

I'll continue to update the WCS tournaments, as during the month of July I believe all of the smaller nationals will be done.

I think the Sweden Nationals will be a great event. Bischu, Naniwa, Sjow, Thorzain, and even LaLush (#1 in points for the TSL 4 qualifier) will be there, among others.

For premier tournaments, HomeStory Cup V will be taking place this Thursday through Sunday. This is must-watch SC2 action. HSC has been known for being one of the most entertaining tournaments in the scene. Liquipedia Link
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