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Default Re: Lakers should ask for Royce White instead of Scola in Houston Trade

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Duh........Gasol is making $19 million a year not Scola's $9 million!!!!
If Gasol played as hard as Scola and made $9 million there is no freaking way anyone would consider trading him.

Who knows what the hell Royce will do in the NBA???

Playing hard and producing are two totally different things. If you're a coach, you should understand. A guy can wave his hands back and forth on defense, make a lot of noise while guarding a player, but still gets scored on. That's called fake hustle.

Scola put up 15pts/6rbs last season in 30 minutes last season. That's pathetic for a power forward.

I don't care how "hard" it looks like he's playing. Scola is a horrible defender, rebounder and outside of a good 18ft jumper and awful reputation of being a flopper, he's got nothing to offer this team. Then you consider his large contract, and that should explain why the deal with Houston was never done. The Lakers will NOT take back Scola in any deal involving Gasol.
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