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Default Re: Lakers interested in Calderon if they sign Nash...

Originally Posted by DKLaker
I guess this is what teams and players who don't care about winning, I just don't get that if all they are looking to do is get people in the stands and if all he cares about is the money....ok for them then, they will both be very happy.
I still don't respect that from a team or individual.

LF, I'm telling you that it's not about any amount of contact, sh!t happens as you approach 40 just out of the blue......playing a pro sport only makes it worse.

Well lets examine this for a second. What other center was available for the celtics that was better than KG? I would have given KG a 1 year deal. The 3 years was too much definitely. Now they kept a legit post presence for the time being. The business works in funny ways. But hey, at least we didn't sign him .
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