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Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
Foye is a good deal smaller than Waiters. That is the big difference I see. But, I also don't think he is anything near DWade either.
The comparisons to Wade come from Dion's explosive first step and ability to finish around the basket. That and a similar kind of build.

That said, I pretty much agree... Wade has a freakish 6-11 wingspan.

On the other hand, Dion Waiters is also a much longer/bigger player than Foye. He's taller, has a longer winspan/reach and is bigger.

I'd say that Waiters is a pretty unique prospect. I can't really think of a good comparison from what I've seen on film. He doesn't really have a glaring weakness to his game. Excellent at driving to the basket, nice handle, good jumpshot (could use improvement, but good), good defender, nice overall size...

Very nice all-around prospect.
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