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Default Re: "How overrated is Kyrie Irving???" -PleezeBelieve

Originally Posted by hawksdogsbraves
Irving is great, but the 'best backcourt in the NBA' schtick is a little much. A guy who never started a game in two years and averaged 12ppg is going to constitute half the best backcourt in the league? Give him a couple years at least.
I agree that we should give it a few years... or at least see how Dion looks on the next level, but the whole "starter" thing is getting tired. First, he finished games which is always more important than who is on the floor for tip. Second, he played more minutes than the guy who started at the 2. Third, the guy who most people point to as the best player on the board-- Thomas Robinson -- didn't start until his junior year and never played close to the minutes that Waiters did during his freshman and sophomore seasons.

It is a non issue.
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