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i think Garrnett is overrated. love the gatorade commercial and hes one of the freakiest athletes of the game who changed basketball forever with his skill level BUT he has not proved anything. hmm let start with the ooohis streak of 6 or 7 years of exiting in the first round. Then the year they made it to the finals against lakers, credit should be given to Cassle and Sprewell, cassel proved it again this year with the Clip. Then last year, he couldnt even compete for the playoffs. How can a player who is always mentioned as one of the best not lead his team past the 1st round or even make the playoffs. hmm even some players who are regularly criticised, ie allen iverson, kobe bryant, ray allen have lead they're teams to the playoffs. In my opinon, Garrnett has all the talent in the world but his problem is he isnt a winner. He didnt learn to win, most of the great players learned to win in college(jordan, grant hill, duncan) He has the heart of a champion but lacks that special ability. trade the guy and save his career....

Credit should be givin' to Cassell and Spree? KG basically single handedly won the Kings series.

And what are you talking about? Last year he couldn't compete for the playoffs? Last year they won 44 games. That's not that bad, most years that gets you in the playoffs infact.
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