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Default Re: Free Agency Discussion

Honestly, I don't see them giving up Gordon THAT easily, but from what I'm hearing Gordon does honestly have his sights/heart set on Phoenix.

imo getting Gordon fills our blaring need for a more than capable slashing, scoring SG to split time with J-Dud.

Now, I'd like to see Dragic back in a Suns uni, he already knows how to run the system, and I personally thought we gave up on him too quick, even though he showed little progression after the breakout Spurs series a few seasons back, also gives me more reason to rock my Dragic jersey!

Any word on why we aren't pursuing Brandon Roy or Greg Oden?

I remember Roy straight up torching teams, there was a reason why he was ROY, as a Washington state native and having seen him progress, I've always wanted him in Suns uni.

As for Oden even as a "serviceable big" option, until he can get his knees to "serviceable" state, we've proven that our staff is among if not the best in the business.

Let Brooks go!
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