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Default Re: Deron Williams resigns with the Nets for 5 years 100 million dollars

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
The current roster is good but only dwight will make us a contender. I look at it as we have and 2-3 year window in trying to win a championship with joe and gerald's current age. d-will too actually. dwight will immediately turn us into a contender our first year and lopez won't. I like Lopez but with Howard's defense we would be unstoppable. Him and Gerald Wallace would be a lethal one-two defensive punch just like Marion and Chandler were for the Mavericks. right now we're a 2nd to 3rd seed in the east due to how weak the east is but no way can we beat okc or miami. And if we can't beat okc or miami, taking on joe and gerald will prove to be dumb.

I understand this dude, but Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace really aint the problem. It is the usage of Full MLE that killed a potential Dwight trade, damn I hate that stupid European dude who is destined to be traded midway into the season. Id at least be happier if we use it on Kidd or Ray Allen.
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