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Default Re: Deron Williams resigns with the Nets for 5 years 100 million dollars

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
I understand this dude, but Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace really aint the problem. It is the usage of Full MLE that killed a potential Dwight trade, damn I hate that stupid European dude who is destined to be traded midway into the season. Id at least be happier if we use it on Kidd or Ray Allen.

It seems kind of dumb that the entire MLE was used for Tech Tele. 2.5 to 3 million should have been used on him. That would reserve the remaining MLE for flexibility. I really wanted my second favorite player of all time to be a Net but getting a 20 year old in Tele was a great addition. He has an entire decade and I believe that he will be an immediate impact. He is Ryan Anderson minus the rebounding.

The Howard fantasy is not out the window yet. With Gerald Wallace taking nearly 3 million less the first year, that will be enough to remain under the hard cap.
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