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Default Re: Deron Williams resigns with the Nets for 5 years 100 million dollars

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
It seems kind of dumb that the entire MLE was used for Tech Tele. 2.5 to 3 million should have been used on him. That would reserve the remaining MLE for flexibility. I really wanted my second favorite player of all time to be a Net but getting a 20 year old in Tele was a great addition. He has an entire decade and I believe that he will be an immediate impact. He is Ryan Anderson minus the rebounding.

The Howard fantasy is not out the window yet. With Gerald Wallace taking nearly 3 million less the first year, that will be enough to remain under the hard cap.

Indeed, I believe we could sign him with about 2-3m contract. MLE is a rather important option that you should not waste on someone you might easily sign for less money. Not sure if this is all Billy King's doing, I am so disappointed at this nonsense.

But look at the bright side, Playoffs here we come! May as well be a 1st round trip, 2nd round exit, or ECF appearance but anyway we are in it.
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