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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by bluechox2
maybe kenyon martin/camby signs

does iverson have anything left?

who can we realistically get with that sign and trade package we have going...?

I'd love to add Kenyon Martin. If his market is as slow as it looks right now then he probably would be down for taking maybe $2 Million per year.

Does Iverson have anything left? Nobody knows, but if Mark Warkenstein gets in Dolan's ear and starts suggesting that is an avenue we should go down then it'll happen. He was the guy who traded for Iverson in Denver. I mean if we were looking at Jason Kidd, why not AI? Kidd has 13,000 more minutes on his knees than AI does.

For a Sign & Trade there's guys like Courtney Lee, Barbosa, Hinrich, Jameer, Hickson, Jason Thompson out there. I think they're realistic for a contract between $4-6 Million.
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