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Default Re: Raptors Acquire Kyle Lowry

My only issue with Lowry is that he needs to bring his fg% up. If you look at all the playoff teams from last year, all of their starting PG's except Kidd had higher fg%. The PG is the leader on the floor and has to take smart shots regardless of his role on the team. With a team as young as ours, Lowry is going to have to make better decisions otherwise this could be the sort of thing that puts us as a 9-10 seed in the east missing the playoffs and getting a middling pick (although I guess that wouldn't be bad the first year so we give houston a low lottery pick).

I like the fact that he gets to the lane with authority and is not afraid of contact near the rim. I think he is a good but not great passer. He contributes on the defensive rebounding end which is something we need and he's a good defender.

I'm a little hesitant because he never seemed to be able to upend guys like Dragic, Brooks and Conley but he def comes at a great price. I just hope his on decision making improves because I'd be nervous about this if it doesn't.

I do like the defensive push the Raps are making though. Lowry, Ross and Val (and dare I say even Fields) are all really big upgrades in that department. If you can't base your team on stars and you don't want to wait to try to find them through the draft then becoming defensive and trying to model yourself after the 2004 pistons is not a bad way to go.
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