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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Homestory Cup V has begun. Day 1 is over. This tournament is beyond entertaining to watch because the players are all relaxed and having a good time. Although the hours are not ideal for non-Germans/europeans, it's still worth tuning in when you can.

Link for brackets and everything. If you scroll down you can find the link to the two streams, that both are being broadcast in 720p for free.

Groups A through D were played out.

Group A Nerchio and Naama advanced. I personally thought it would be Nerchio and Socke, but Socke struggled at the event.

Group B Idra and Bling advanced. Idra dominated his opponents going 3-0 with a 6-1 overall map score. The Grack Is Back! Bling didn't know he advanced because he actually lost the set to Cloud but he had a better map score so he still moved on (this is why tournaments need to adopt the GSL format in 4 man groups)

Group C Happy and Ret advanced. Incontrol went 1-6 and ReaL displayed some really weird strategies against Ret.

Group D SaSe and Dimaga moved on. These are 2 guys who could very well take the whole tournament and I was not too surprised to see them be the two advancing.

Groups E-H will be played out tomorrow.

Also this weekend is the WCS France Nationals being played out. I'll give updates on that after the event but won't be watching any of it (maybe the finals).
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