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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Group E I think MC and HasuObs will move on. However I think TLO could very well replace Hasuobs there.

Group F I think we will see MaNa and Sleep move on. Mana recently won Dreamhack and a qualifier for the TSL4 and Sleep has been playing great since joining xSix and getting to go to tournaments all over the world. His ZvZ is quite strong so I think that will play advantage in a group with 2 other zergs and 1 protoss.

Group G I think we will see Sheth and YongHwa move on. YongHwa is a relatively unknown player but he's Korean so he'll probably do extremely well. slivko might make it past instead of sheth...

Group H I believe we will see MVP and Golden move on.

Because this is a four day tournament I believe the day after these groups we will see Group stage number two and then the final day will be the Top 8 being played out in a bracket. quarterfinals is bo5 and semis are bo5. finals are b07 and there is a third place match apparently.
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