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Originally Posted by Bano114
Its not so much that he got paid that much. Its that he got paid as much as he did when we could have used that money for a better option this year. I keep hearing Felton and Kidd but I honestly thought Sessions was best for our situaiton.

In Cleveland, for example, he pushed Kyrie Irving. He made sure Kyrie went out there every night and performed at a high level because if he didn't, Sessions was playing almost as well and could take the spot.

Thats what I think Lin needs. Competition. Real competition, not Bibby or Kidd. Lin finnaly got his money in the NBA, we can't let him rest easy. I say turn the pressure up on him by bringing in Sessions to make sure he stays on top of things if he wants to stay at #1 at the point.

But of course we get Kidd instead. More of the same...
Maybe he does need competition, but he's already a competitor and isn't seasoned.

BTW I have yet to hear Sessions pushed Kyrie.

Kyrie was about to be an all-star in his rookie year had he not gotten injured.

An no way was Sessions playing like an all-star
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