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Default 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Time to start talkin? We're 8 weeks from start of the season, approximate 7 weeks from estimated draft time, and a lot of questions to answer as far as members.

Marlo coming back?
If Marlo comes back is -pt- in? Or will -pt- only participate without Marlo?
Pete said he's not coming back to ISH but can anyone contact him about the league?
Do we need to lower buy-in to attract potential replacements?
Anyone seen Keyless or SCY around?

Can we start with a definite head count of guys participating from last year?

Early to start talkin fantasy but things come together slowly in an online league. Have to vote on restrictions, vetoes (really need this one), payouts (weekly? Or bigger overall pot?), waiver shit, and find out best time for a draft so guys can set the date aside.
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