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Default The small-market mentality of the Bulls Front Office

Most profitable team in the NBA and the only names I've heard mentioned are Hinrich, Willie Green and Derek Fisher.

When is this organization going to get serious? I'm not asking for Steve Nash or Dwight Howard, but at least have the balls to go after upgrades. Aggressively look into getting rid of geezer Hamilton's contract so they can grab someone like Nick Young on a "one year to play your ass off for a bigger contract" type deal that the Sixers just signed him to.

WHY am I hearing about Hinrich when a Ramon Sessions could be signed for 2 years at around the MLE, with the last year becoming a very tradeable contract (ask Cleveland).

Suprisingly my problem isn't truly with Reinsdorf. The new CBA is hardcore and Bulls are building a new training facility downtown. My problem is with the front office sitting on their hands, scared to pick a direction to go in, scared to be creative and proactive.

They're acting like a small-market team unwilling to take chances on players with upside.
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