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Default Re: Steve Nash Trying To Recruit Grant Hill

Originally Posted by dd24
We all saw what Lowry got traded for. Does anybody think that's a far better deal than what the Lakers got an aging Nash for? Just sayin... 1 first round pick for a PG who was tremendous and doesn't look like that's gonna change anytime soon. Laker fans were all putting up trades about Gasol & others for him. Apparently, they were willing to just give him away. Did we miss out? Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited about the Nash signing, but just a little devils advocate here.

Same thing I was thinking. Lowry was given away for scraps..

Houston is dumb as rocks with what they have done. Let Dragic and Lowry go just to offer an outrageous deal to Lin. Sorry but I'm taking Dragic and/or Lowry over Lin. 15 games is not enough to warrant paying him 29 mill over 4 years.. They also paid decent money for the backup C from Chicago.. What are they doing?
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