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Default Re: Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis


Ray Allen went to the Heat. Have you lost respect for him as a player?

Rashard Lewis is planning to meet with the Heat. If he joins, will you also lose respect or have you already lost respect since he started sucking?

There's a very slim chance, but if these two happen to play together in the Miami Heat, will this be the team you would want out of the East or will it even be your favorite team?

Two former teammates with Supersonic blood left in their system could potentially play for the team that helped prevent those Blunders from obtaining the championship. Cue the dramatic music.

I have mixed feelings about this. If Rashard joins, then Heat has to be my 2nd favorite team (GASP) just because of those two. My 1st team (until the Sonics come back) will always be Celtics. Besides those two, I absolutely loathe almost every Heat player, but Bosh (I laugh at what he does).

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