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Default Re: Are the Heat Now the 3rd Best Team in NBA History?

Even in this last decade there have been at least 3-5 better teams.

Spurs dynasty
Lakers dynasty
Celtics 2 finals in 3 years, 2008 one of the greatest defensive teams of all time
2004 Pistons of the greatest defensive team of all time

(BTW Kobe has faced and beaten all three of those great dynasty teams, but with the Pistons he didn't have a chance to face them again in the finals)

That's wha tmakes a player great, is the level of competition that he was matched up against..

Lebron had to face a Pacers team that had at least 1/2 the talent that they had and still got taken to 6 games, also the geriatric Celtics also took them to 7 games all without having multiple key players because of injury, that's not mentioning and Pierce and Allen were pretty hobbled up as well. Also Rose and Dwight were injured the entire postseason and then he had the luxury of facing an extremely young OKC team who shouldn't have been in the finals to begin with.

Did OP start watching NBA in 2000s or something?
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