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Default Re: Steve Nash owes the Raptors nothing

anyone that feels cheated because nash did not come to the raptors should be suffocated with the canadian flag.

You are an idiot if you feel nash owed the raptors soemthing or anything. And you are a bigger idiot if you thought the raptors would do good if nash signed with us. It was bad for both sides.

Nash is going to a Lakers team that needed leadership and guidance. Steve Nash is that guy. Just look at that lineup. Nash deserves to win a championship. And if it has to be with teh lakers, I am glad he is gonna do it with them. The best situation is that he will be a pivotal part of that team. He will not be a karl malone type of guy where he is just coming in as a semi-retired old fart looking for a ring.

Besides, Nash, kobe and Bynum is going to be extremely fun to watch. kobe is a very mature player now. Nash is going to keep bynum busy. Nash is a an on-court genius so we will see less and less of Bynum's tantrums. Nash and Bynum is going to be awesome to watch as a basketball fan.
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