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Default Re: We Still Need A Third Talented Bigman!!

For the Lakers, in my opinion

The mini MLE should only be given to one of these players:
Marcus Camby (backup defensive C)
Kirk Hinrich (backup defensive PG) - and only if they trade Blake
Leandro Barbosa (6th man scorer)
Courtney Lee (6th man scorer/defender)
Carl Landry (backup scorer PF)

The Veteran's minimums should be given to 2-3 of these players:
Grant Hill (backup defensive SF)
Earl Watson (backup defensive PG) - and only if they trade Blake
Gerald Green (6th man scorer)
Shannon Brown (6th man scorer)

The do not bring anywhere near the Lakers roster, or blacklisted, players:
Gilbert Arenas
Rashard Lewis
Antawn Jamison
Allen Iverson
Tracy McGrady
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