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Default Re: "State you position on the Knicks" thread

Originally Posted by Scoooter
They just traded, like, 50 players for one guy who's never proven anything commensurate with his hype.

That was a big move.
Wait we trade Gallo n got back Melo n WE got the guy who hasnt come close to living up to the hype? Lmao

Is that you position on the Knicks?

It's his only position lol

I think we are in a bad place right now. I think we mirrored what the Jets did. We got some quality talent. We showed aglimpse of success finally. Then, instead of building around our pieces with quality, cheap role players. We blew our remaining assets on names (Tim Tebow, Jason Kidd) instead of games. I think we are squandering and 3 year window of opportunity to make some noise in the playoffs because we are getting guys based off of reputation and recognition instead of what they actually cando ON THE COURT.

For example, Jared Jeffies. His claim to fame is how he draws charges. I keep seeing the stat, "he led the team drawing a total of 10 charges." Ok, wll he's a liability otherwise and 10 charges in a 66 game season means that he was hurting us moe than he was helping us. It's been real, he's been overrated and overpaid his entire time asa Knick. He made some nice hustle plays...but enough is enough. Not only i he a scrub but now he's coming off an injury and he isnt exactly young.

It's time to go get some young talent that's gonna stick around for more than a year. Time to BUILD a teamintead of overpaying hasbeens and renting players so they can chase a ring.

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