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Default Re: We Still Need A Third Talented Bigman!!

Originally Posted by DirtySanchez
Would love to have campy but I think he is signing with NY.

And what's wrong with Jamieson or Lewis?..

Would also love Grant Hill as well.

Does anyone look this stuff up before giving opinions?

Camby will turn 39 during this OLD 39....not a Nash.
His numbers are crashing to the ground, he shot 45% from the field.....not good for a center and also 45% from the FT line
He is definitely not going to get any better so why waste time on him.

Nothing wrong with Jamison, his 17.2ppg and 6rpg 40% shooting were solid, the guy can still shoot, off the bench would be an asset.

Lewis I do not want; 7.8ppg 3.9rpg 38% and only 25% from 3pt line...pass!!!!

I like Grant Hill for a vet minimum.....he'll be 40 in Oct but a young 40 because of all the time off for injuries. 10.2ppg 3.5rpg 45% shooting, but he has completely lost his 3pt shot.

The mini mle has to be used on a knock down shooter or a high energy athletic guy at this point barring other trades. We can't keep getting so many old guys.

I would love to have Gerald Green and/or Shannon Brown
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