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Default Re: We Still Need A Third Talented Bigman!!

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Does anyone look this stuff up before giving opinions?

Camby will turn 39 during this OLD 39....not a Nash.
His numbers are crashing to the ground, he shot 45% from the field.....not good for a center and also 45% from the FT line
He is definitely not going to get any better so why waste time on him.

Nothing wrong with Jamison, his 17.2ppg and 6rpg 40% shooting were solid, the guy can still shoot, off the bench would be an asset.

Lewis I do not want; 7.8ppg 3.9rpg 38% and only 25% from 3pt line...pass!!!!

I like Grant Hill for a vet minimum.....he'll be 40 in Oct but a young 40 because of all the time off for injuries. 10.2ppg 3.5rpg 45% shooting, but he has completely lost his 3pt shot.

The mini mle has to be used on a knock down shooter or a high energy athletic guy at this point barring other trades. We can't keep getting so many old guys.

I would love to have Gerald Green and/or Shannon Brown

Antawn Jamison 40% fg is not good. Plus he can't play a lick of defense. No thanks.
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