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Default Long term SG solution must be addressed

Per this rumor site, Bulls will most likely get rid of Watson and possibly Brewer and they likely let Asik go.....
In the meantime their biggest need, the SG position has not been addressed.
Rip Hamilton was ok...when he was playing, the problem was, he was always hurt and he is getting older by the minute.
They must get the top SG that will suit their style.
Courtney Lee is a very good 2-way player who can hit his open perimter shot at the same time play very good defense. Why not involve him in a sign and trade with Asik, Watson etc?
Another option is OJ Mayo.
A reliable shooting guard who can shoot and at the same time provide good defense for ATLEAST 34 MINUTES!!
They can't affort to let these guys sign somewhere else.
Korver can shoot but can't defend. Brewer can defend but can't shoot.
No more one dimentional players, PLEASE.

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