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Originally Posted by BØBØ
People tend to overuse the amnesty clause. it does nothing but clears that salary off the books for cap "reporting" purposes only. The team still has to pay the player the money, the total numbers even though not reported on the payroll still count against taxes. Using that clause on MWP doesn't open up enough cap room to allow Lakers to do anything they can't do now and creates a roster spot they have to fill with a lesser player. MWP will be more valuable as an expiring contract next season

That's exactly why I feel that the amnesty clause does little to nothing (may actually hurt more to use than not use at all). The player still gets paid full amount for practically doing nothing (could take the team couple years to pay back the full amount), and he also becomes a free-agent. He can go sign for however much he wants with whoever he wants - he can have two valid "contracts" at same time. That's a joke.

As a whole, I am enraged with how the contracts work in nba. Ties a team up for very long time and owners are stupid enough to give out OUTRAGEOUS contracts to top other owners. No contract should be 100% guaranteed, especially in a sport where talent can degrade quickly if a player doesn't continue work throughout a season and off-season. I have seen player after player work their ass off in contract season and then just slack off after getting their deal. Amnesty clause is supposed to give a team a way out if such a situation occurs (talent degrades significantly or a major injury of a big deal), but how does it? The garbage contract doesn't come off the books; the player still gets paid. It is not a way out if you really think about it.

What I absolutely hate is that the amnesty clause can only be used one time only after CBA negotiation. So what happens after that? Problems go back to being exactly the way they were before for each of the teams that already used the amnesty clause. I truly wish there was a way for teams to take exactly 1 deal off the books ENTIRELY and make contract void every 2-3 years or something. That is MORE than fair. If you don't want to lose your contract, keep working hard. You slack off, you're OUT. 15 players a team - do not slack off. You still get a chance to sign with anyone instantly afterwards.
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