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Nah Amnesty Clause makes a lot of sense if a team use it the right way.

If we amnesty MWP, we save luxury tax money which is his current salary and his new contract money. That's $15 mil over 2 years in luxury tax money, his new contract money for the next two years (I would assume $3-5 million total) minus his roster spot. If we sign Grant Hill over 2 years for veteran's minimum, then we save at least $10 million in tax hit for over of two years.

If Buss family wants to save money, then there u go.

To me, I wouldn't amnesty MWP yet, he is the only one along with Kobe who played with passion last playoffs. He did play well at the of the year. Just give him one more year.

Who knows, maybe we can use his expiring contract and amnesty clause together to get a big time player next year.
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