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Originally Posted by DKLaker
I totally understand where you are coming from however it has been abused on the other side and because of this some athletes have died and had their careers ruined. 3rd party is no conclusive proof.....only you know how your body feels, doctors often cannot find the source of pain.
Paying an athlete less pay because he is injured is a horrible idea.....who is ever going to dive for a loose ball or really give 100% on defense if an injury will cut his pay??? It would severely damage the sport.
A decision has been made in all sports to err on the side of caution......this also avoids a ton of lawsuits.

Would you please cite exampleS esp in the sport of basketball?
I feel sorry for football players who don't get guaranteed contracts and that their sport is very violent, rendering some of them with permanent damage but basketball?
Im not saying they should get 50K/yr if they missed the whole season, even tho most of us can live on that amount but I just can't stomach what TMac and Marbury did, accepting full salary on questionable situations. They basically took advantage and rendered their teams hostaged and helpless.
I believe the Labor union has funds to help out players. We ordinary workers along with our employers contribute to take care of these situations (worker's comp). Besides, a fair no. of these players blow most of their pay anyway on meaningless stuff. Why? bec of guaranteed contracts IMO.
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