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Default Re: Has there ever been a starting lineup as flawlessly built as the current lakers?

There old. There is no flawless lineup. I know Net fans will be salivating (i think they would be a title contender with Dwight) but JJ is old and had injury problems, Deron has had injury issues, and Dwight has an issue with his back that at some point in his career will be a problem. It's not a if, it's a how bad. Plus their 4 could be great, could be crap. Look at other Euro's who come over.

MIami is small and they won the title.

BUt the Lakers, no that team is far far from perfect. Nash and Kobe are old, Metta is old, Gasol is old and loses focus at times, and Bynum is a moody douchebag.
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