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Originally Posted by ihatetimthomas
Not really. Dampier was injured the previous year, and we saw a significant drop in production/mobility. Camby is coming off a healthy season and while his points are down, Lakers don't need him for that. They need him for rebounding and weakside help. His offensive boards avg last season are on par for his career averages.

Malone came on board expected to play heavy minutes and be a starter. Camby would be playing 16-18 mpg max. He wouldnt have to log the same amount of minutes.

I know where you are coming from in terms of age but all I am saying is he would be a good addition if we couldn't get Hill. He is not coming either way but he is a guy who can give you solid production in limited minutes.
I've never been a Camby fan. not withstanding he had a really great run with Houston last year. Maybe his 3rd or 4th best ever efficiency wise. Put him in the right situation and he's still a valuable piece to somebody. Smart player who leaves it all on the floor. Rather see somebody younger in that spot but I wouldn't have cried too loud if he made his way to the Lakers bench.

Knicks got him though. He'll add some nasty to that jelly belly roster

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