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Default The Proposed Nets deal

I am not sure which deal is true if any of them.

The first rumor is, we get MarShon Brooks, J-Rich or Hedo, Kris Humphries and picks. We give up Walton, Samardo and Tristan or Andy.

The second rumor is we give up Walton for Humphries, picks and Sundiata Gaines.

The first one is for sure the best in terms of a deep roster, although I do not like giving up Andy or TT. The second rumor would be just fine as we get better without losing anything. I was most excited about getting Brooks. Irving, Waiters, Boobie and Brooks would be a great young back court rotation. I was hoping TT could get most of the minutes at the 4 this year but you can't argue with Humps numbers, he is a poor man's Kevin Love and a double double machine. What are your thoughts and hopes in this deal?
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