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They wont pass the 2nd round....they are a pretty young squad... If they meet Miami again...the results will be the same as they were this past post season
BS. Shaq will be a year older going against the best defensive team and frontcourt in the league, and Wade can't score on Hinrich. they barely snuck by the Bulls last year before they got Big Ben.

They take a step back, Wallace is the most overrated player in the history of the NBA and will grind Chicago's offense to a halt.
Wow, yeah, because it was OFFENSE that won the Bulls games, and now ben's going to ruin all that. All that offensive success, down the drain. Malik Allen, what an impactful scorer!

They'll have Allen and Songaila off the bench to score (not to mention their backcourt 1-3 and bench which can all score). And when your defense is going to be as great as this defense is, you don't need to score THAT much. These guys are going to be better defensively than the Pistons at their best. How much they really need to score?

Overrated huh? Watch the Pistons crumble and become below average defensively without him.
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