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Default Re: Long term SG solution must be addressed

Originally Posted by ljsbb27
Agreed. I would be very happy with either one of the players you've mentioned.

I'd be happier with OJ Mayo though because he is a better ball handler and can create better for himself as well as others.

We should try to get Lee as part of a deal with Asik if we can't get Mayo.

But first priority should be to try to get Mayo.

I'd offer Korver and Watson in a deal for Mayo.

Mayo would really be the long term solution here at SG and would grow nicely in the backcourt with DRose.

Memphis could use an upgrade at backup PG and can also use some permitter shooting. Two needs that would be met with the additions of Watson and Korver.

We don't know what deals are front office are working on or what they're doing or not doing, but I just hope they're very active and exploring all opportunities to help this team improve.

I don't disagree about your sentiment about Mayo but I really think Lee is a much better defender. He is not a Trevor Ariza type who will steal/intercept the ball but his main strength is ability to stay in front of his man like Kirk used to do. Both guys will be major upgrades bec of their youth.
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