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Default Re: Congrats Lakers' fans!!

Originally Posted by mr sax
The Lakers made it to the second round, didn't they? Is scoring their greatest weakness? naahhhhhh....Do you think their defense is weak like I asked in my earlier post? I thought you said you knew a lot about the game, huh?

Regarding Mike Brown, why don't you quit your constant adolescent whining and apply for the job?

How many games did I get to watch? I live 10 minutes from Staples Center in Mount Washington. My wife is a big NBA fan. I've probably been to more Laker games in the short time we have lived in LA than you have in the last 10 years.

Thank you ihatetimthomas for your intelligent response to my question.

You are out of your mind if you actually think you have been to more games than me in ANY decade. I had season tickets courtside for a very long time.....and I mean COURTSIDE. I only gave them up for a hefty price because I get so many freebies in the same why pay?

Wow....the 2nd round by barely beating the mighty Denver Omelettes .....why of course....that is our silly of me
That is your proof that we have a potent offense????

As I said, everyone who really knows how to run an offense, knows that ours's a no-brainer. missing friend has a better sense of running an offense than Mike Brown.
I'll see Brown in a couple weeks when one of my players on Mater Dei who plays with his son is playing and tell him that you have his back Why so butthurt???? You act like I'm talking about your momma
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