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Default Re: Summer League Thoughts

Why can't Daye do this every game!!! Looked so smooth and in control, he shows flashes of being a scoring / shooting BEAST - and then he disappears for the next 5 games.. Frustrating, but hopefully he is matured and ready this season..

Singler is going to be a great hustle guy for us - pure energy and grit with a great mid range game, he is going to be a crowd favorite...

English is going to be solid of the bench for us - didn't shoot to well in game 2 but you can see how open he gets and how good he is on the defensive end!

Drummond - to early to really say much - obviously very raw, but looks like he has extremely active hands which is great, needs to learn how to utilize his god like frame, he should be physically owning everybody in summer league..

Yancy Gates - PLEASE MAKE THE ROSTER! Love his size / bulk / strength, quite polished deep in the post, will be very handy for us...

Casper Ware - interesting...
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