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Default Re: Mitch - Let's get Sonny Weems to our summer league team

Originally Posted by dd24
I think my original quote was he'll find a team. I didn't state what that was, but if the Lakers signed him for some reason I wouldn't be upset with it. Honestly, I think they're going to fill out their roster with draft picks that they won't have to pay much. Sacre shouldn't be playing in the NBA and he'll probably make the roster just because they'll pay him in circus peanuts.

Ok, if that's what you stated or meant to state then ok, I have no problem with him finding his way with another team, the Lakers cannot waste guys who appear to have absolutely nothing to offer. Who knows, maybe the guy will eventually find his game in the D-League like Gerald Green, if he does light it up like that then sure we can give him a shot......until then PASS!!!!!
BTW, I in no way shape or form see it happening.
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