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Default Re: Bobcats pursuing Ramon Sessions and Brendan Haywood

Originally Posted by Quizno
as an LA native i watched pretty much every lakers game and sessions is pretty suspect...he's pretty good at getting to the rim but he doesn't assert himself enough and his jumper isn't any good. he could be a good backup but i remember reading that he wasn't content being a bench player so i don't know how interested he'd be. haywood's a decent defensive big so i guess i'd be okay with it.

He brought his 3pt shooting up to 48% which ain't too shabby. As far as starting he certainly has a better chance at that with Kemba than with Nash.

If (a big if) we can land these 2 plus Jamison our lineup would be:

Kemba, Sessions, Gordon
Hendo, Gordon, Williams, Carroll
MKG, Brown, Taylor
Jamison, TT, Mullens
Biyombo, Haywood, Diop

I'd be cool with that.
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